You are welcome to learn English at EES. Choose your course. Develop and improve skills of English. Get fast and effective results. Learning English is cool at Excellent English School. We form different-level groups. All the teachers are highly qualified.


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English is not a luxury, it is a means of communication.

   Find your own English course at Excellent English SchoolExcellent English School offers a range of courses and helps you make your English excellent. Get fast, effective results and practical language skills for travel, entertainment and work with Excellent English School.

Why do people learn English?

      All people long for being understood. In our modern world, it is not enough to know only our mother tongue. It is not a secret for anyone that English is the International language of business spoken by the most part of the planet.

     If you want to feel comfortable and relaxed in a foreign country, you need to be able to speak the language spoken by the whole world, the English language. Without knowing the language you are unlikely to keep the track of events, which take place in the world, there can be some difficulty in obtaining new information, it is difficult for a person to develop professionally and broaden his social relationship. We are surrounded by English everywhere, we come it across in our every day life. We watch films on TV, read foreign newspapers and books that have been translated into Russian or Ukrainian for us. Why do we read translated books? We can read books in the original not losing the meaning and authenticity. Why do we use sign language abroad? We can do an English course and communicate with people in their language.

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